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Contact Lens Evaluation


If you are interested in wearing contact lenses we are here to help.  Contact lens evaluations are done annually to provide a patient with their contact lens prescription.  At your initial contact lens evaluation you will also receive training on proper handling, care, and insertion and removal of your lenses.  The training may take more than one visit prior to success.

At your contact lens evaluation Dr. Seidman will begin by checking for your most updated glasses prescription.  Based on your prescription and vision needs you and Dr. Seidman will decide on what contact lens option is best for you.  We have options that correct astigmatism, the need for reading glasses, and even corneal changes.

Dr. Seidman will select the initial pair of lenses to try.  She will then evaluate both your vision and fit of the contact lens on your eye.  If vision, comfort or fit is unacceptable to you or Dr. Seidman, contact lenses can be altered accordingly. Your contact lens evaluation fee will cover you for a 90 day follow up period to allow you and Dr. Seidman to find the best contact lens option for your needs and eye health.

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