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Today, you have choices in selecting the type of eyeglass lens that best meets your needs, lifestyle and activities.  Finding the optimal lens choice depends on more than just the prescription written by Dr. Seidman.  Your vision needs, lifestyle, activities and hobbies are all important factors when selecting  your lenses. 

  • Does your job require a lot of time in front of a computer?

  • Do you get tired eyes, blurry vision, even headaches when focusing too long?

  • Does your daily activities demand constant changes in focusing close up and seeing in the distance?

  • Tired of moving your head a ton in your progressives when using your two computer monitors at work?

  • Do you play golf or other sports where clearer distance vision can improve your performance?

  • Are you constantly spending time outdoors, or constantly going in and out?

Our team will discuss your lifestyle and prescription with you to tailor your lenses to best meet your expectations.

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