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Pediatric Eye Examination


We recommend a child receive their first eye exam before their first birthday.  Our pediatric patients will have their vision and ocular health evaluated similar to an adult routine eye exam.  The tools and tests we use are different for children.  For example vision testing can be done through matching pictures.  The need for glasses can also be determined without much patient response as to which one is better, one or two?  Often children cannot tell you they are experiencing any vision difficulty or changes in vision. 

Dr. Seidman recommends dilation as part of all pediatric exams.  This not only will allow her to get a more complete eye health picture, but it also allows her to check glasses prescription on a stable relaxed system.  If your child is 12 years or older a retinal photo is also great for baseline.  For some children the visit needs to be completed over multiple trips.

At the completion of the pediatric eye exam our optician can help your child find a frame that fits properly. Dr. Seidman will determine the frequency of examinations, based on exam findings and patient age. 

Infantsee provides patients the age between six months to twelve months, a free eye exam. 

Click on the image to learn about free infant eye exams.

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