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Special Testing

Retinal Photography

Retinal photos are a great tool for monitoring for change over time.  These photos are recommended annually for all patients 12 years of age or older.  The photos are taken during your entry exam by the technician.  Dr. Seidman will review the retinal photos with you.  Many vision insurance plans offer retinal photos with a copayment.  Retinal photos can also be done for specific eye diseases as part of monitoring and treatment.  In this case the frequency of the test will vary.


Measuring your intraocular pressure, or pressure in your eye, is an essential measure of ocular health.  Higher pressure is a known risk factor of glaucoma.  We measure your eye pressure each visit.  The technician will use the Icare to take the measurement.  This tool does not require any drops, and best of all is not the puff of air.  Patients who are being watched closely for glaucoma may also have their pressure taken by another method by Dr. Seidman for multiple readings.

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