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Surgical Co-Management

Dr. Seidman and Dr. Goettge work with multiple eye surgeons, ophthalmologists, to provide you care. The doctors will work together to develop treatment plans including pre/post-operative care.  Some surgeries Dr. Seidman and Dr. Goettge co-manage are cataract surgery and LASIK.  If you are interested in hearing about surgical treatments for your vision or eye health please call our office to schedule an appointment

Ocular Urgency Examination

If you are experiencing sudden vision changes or changes in the comfort of your eyes Dr. Seidman, Dr. Goettge and the staff at Eyecare Center of Ken Caryl are here to see you.  Our doctors can evaluate you for concerns you are experiencing from red eye, to something in your eye.  These visits are billed through your medical insurance.

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