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Transition lenses (also known as photochromic lenses) can be an alternative option for those who do not wish to carry multiple glasses and want an all in one pair.  Transition lenses are lenses that darken when exposed to UV light.  When UV hits the clear lens, it changes to a dark tint and when there is no UV hitting the lens, they go back to an almost clear lens.

Below are the traits for Transitions® Signature™ and Transitions® XTRActive®.
Transitions® Signature™:

  • Turn dark quicker.

  • No tint on the lenses.

  • Do not get dark behind windshield of a car.

  • Comes in grey, brown, and graphite green.

Transitions® XTRActive®:

  • Turn dark quicker.

  • Tint on the lenses.

  • Gets darker behind the windshield of a car.

  • Comes in grey and brown.

To learn about which option is best call 303.973.6333 or come by our office

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