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Wellness Vision Examination

Your annual complete eye exam to update your glasses and health screening is considered a routine vision exam.  These exams are billed through your vision insurance.  At these exams we will check your vision and update your glasses prescription(s).  Your examination will begin with initial testing to be completed by our technician.  If you are 12 years or older a retinal photograph is also recommended.  The technician works on data collection for Dr. Seidman.

Dr. Seidman will then discuss the entering test results with you and complete your ocular health evaluation.  When creating an updated glasses prescription Dr. Seidman will discuss your visual needs such as working on a computer or playing golf.  Dr.  Seidman will create your personalized glasses prescription at your routine vision examination.  Dr. Seidman recommends a dilated retinal evaluation as part of your routine vision exam.  Dr. Seidman will also evaluate your visual system function and structure to detect glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye, cataracts among other disorders.

At the completion of the ocular health evaluation. Dr. Seidman will introduce you to an optician to help you select the correct eyeglasses and lenses to provide you optimal vision. 

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